About the Program:

SEE ME … I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY is an initiative of Emerging Voices Production Company. This Youth Program with the help of youth is being constantly being reshaped and morphed into something outstanding! The initiative serves as an alternative healing modality to the standard options of Sports or STEM (not that there's anything wrong with those outlets) making it available for a participant to intentionally write and examine their place in their homes, schools and communities, as well as to learn be intelligently heard.

I truly desire the input of the youth that will engage in the use of this program. The overall objectives are for students to journal their experiences, stories, and thoughts through free writing and guided questions. We will take those writings and express them through the Arts of storytelling via the stage. This would ultimately develop a strong communication leader, writer and speaker, creating real change for the student, their family, peers and ultimately their perception of their neighborhoods from the inside out.


SEE ME…I Have Something to Say is designed to acknowledge the voice of youth between the ages of 12 to 17 years old. Our goal is to help young people navigate life in a manner that will benefit them, while developing and promoting a more positive outlook of home, school and community. Here they learn to love and become more confident and aware of themselves.

If you are interested in this initiative coming to you PLEASE  CONTACT us AND  LEAVE INFO OR EMAIL @ INA@EMERGINGVOICESPRODUCTION.COM