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About the Program:

See Me, I Have Something to Say” is an initiative started by Emerging Voices Production in partnership with Bridgeport United Coalition.  It is a social and emotional learning (SEL) program that provides an outlet for youth ages 12- 17 to express themselves verbally and through journaling, resulting in theater development and performing arts. The goal is to allow our young people's story to be heard by way of play writing, dance, painting, poetry and other artistic forms that they will create

These practices are designed to forge strong communication skills,  leaders, writers, and speakers, creating a real opportunity for the student, their family, peers and ultimately their perception of their neighborhoods to be changed from the inside out.



SEE ME…I Have Something to Say is designed to acknowledge the voice of youth between the ages of 12 to 17 years old. Our goal is to help young people navigate life in a manner that will benefit them while developing and promoting a more positive outlook of home, school, and community. Here, they will learn to love and become more confident and aware of themselves in a 12 week program..

If you are interested in  hearing more about this initiative, PLEASE  CONTACT US VIA TELEPHONE  AND  LEAVE INFO OR EMAIL @ INA@EMERGINGVOICESPRODUCTION.COM

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