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“TRUMPEDNOTIZED” is a Political Satire Musical that is deeper than the sole intention of #45. It's about "We the People" Where we have been and more importantly where we are going! All the disciplines of the arts are being used. So whether you've been Trumped as in “up” or “less”, I am sounding the trumpet, because although most have been very sleepy or hypnotized We've got something for your brain! WAKE UP!





SUNDAY, JANUARY 14th, 2018 @ 4:30pm! TICKETS WILL GO ON November 8, 2017


Testimonials of "TRUMPEDNOTIZED

"I thought it was excellent, we need more presentations like this one! Thank you Rev Anderson for the information, the laughter but most of all something to think about and engage!"

 Most Sincerely, Serena Green

Pia Alston
Rev Ina Alisa Anderson
And Cast of Trumpednotized
Loved Loved Loved it 

Would you consider performing again 
I would go see it again

Shanna T Melton
Congratulations on another power~full show!! Everyone brought it! Be proud of this timely work.

Imogene Bish
Ina, I truly enjoyed Trumpednotized; see you in August!

Donna Eagle Stewart
I Love you more , and start packing for your traveling production company !!!

Reine C. Bother
Congratulations on a very thought provoking piece.  Stay WOKE!

Selina Daniels
Amazing; truly, truly enjoyed it! My Dad talked about it the entire way home and then told my mom she missed a great show!! Thank you for blessing us with a powerful message and some humor to go with it!!

Alicia Cobbs
Behind the scenes of Trumpednotized at The Klein tonight! Ina Anderson you did that again!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this revolutionary production. Broadway, here she comes! #coloredgirls #trumpednotized #behindthescenes #backstage #sidestage #politricks #currenttimes #revolutionary #changeiscoming #TheKlein #InaAnderson #Bridgeport

Gina Levon Simpson
You know you are someone special when the Klein asks you to bring your production back to the theater! I am so proud of Rev. Ina Anderson! Peace...

Regina Scates
This is a must see! I truly enjoyed the first showing! To God Be The Glory!!!

Harriet Davis
Very Informing & Up-To-Date!  Enjoyed it very much.  Such good talent in the show & enjoyed seeing my son-in-law narrating.  Perfect for the part...he does this all the time in our family!!

Darren Penix
Kudos to Reverend Ina Anderson and the Emerging Voices Production Company... From the Pre-Reception to the finale, their was a buzz of excitement throughout the building. I am so proud of you, Big Sis, and what God is doing through you. This was big, but I know not to put a ceiling on what is in store... #TrueThespian

Jackie Tyson Wright
Awesome production!

Michael Jones Jr
So glad to have been able to come and support Rev. Ina Anderson on her first production with her own company! Tonight was thoughtful and needed! Congrats on the first of many!

Mark Williams 
I loved the show can't wait for the next one!

Shelia Miller
Congratulations!!! I am so proud to say I know a Producer.  Awesome job.

Bridgett Franklin
The Show was AWESOME Rev. Anderson.  We want more, more, more!

Corrine Taylor
Ina Anderson she saw it, she wrote it, the cast it, she produced it... ized She is no joke Congratulations on seeing your vision happened on stage  Many more blessings to come 🏾🏾

Marianne Schmidt
A really awesome show with a strong message!

Sarafina Young

Listen if you didn’t see this the first showing you need to make it your business to see it this time around. Rev. Ina Anderson did a PHENOMENAL job with this production but I wouldn’t expect anything else. Parents I urge you to take your kids especially your children entering their teen yr. Trust me it’s not just a play but it’s a learning experience especially for those in the African American Community!

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