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I've frequently been asked about the financial aspect of putting on productions like "TRUMPEDNOTIZED" and "ONE OF LOVE." People often inquire about the funding sources behind these projects, and my usual response is that the primary source is "OUT OF POCKET."

While ticket sales, souvenir booklet sales, and some generous donations do help offset some of the costs, I've come to realize that without the invaluable in-kind support from others and the sacrifices made by myself, my family, and the dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and talents, these productions would be impossible to bring to life.


It's important to note that Emerging Voices Production, LLC. is not a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Instead, it's a personal endeavor, born out of a dream to illuminate, inspire, educate, and entertain a community that I deeply care about. I'm constantly on the lookout for donations and financial support to keep this vision alive.


If you've been moved by our work, have a passion for the arts, understand the challenges of starting a new business, or simply wish to contribute to the growth of Emerging Voices Production, LLC., please consider clicking the Donate button. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, helps sustain the life-changing experiences that lie at the heart of our "Page to Stage Theater" projects.

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