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UBUNTU- I AM BECAUSE WE ARE multi layered. I Am because my Ancestors were, I stand on their shoulders of progress and freedoms they sacrificed for in the fight for freedom and justice. I Am, also because of the injustices of white supremacy systems built on the lack of inclusion and institutionalized systematic racism. I Am a creation also of hatred and disdain, tolerated for my genius and strength, all the while used as a commodity of free labor and fraudulent money laundering of bills and laws as the faulty foundation for capital by those in power. I Am denied access to be independent of you to be myself because of who you are.

UBUNTU-What would we look like as humans, I AM human as you are human! But let us not overlook the process of righting the wrongs committed again those deemed to be less than HUMAN!

Find your lost humanity. It is hard to mistreat people when you know their inherent value. We are no longer bound by notions like lack and competition.

Ultimately, UBUNTU is that a person is a person through other people. To set aside differences and question ourselves on whether the judgement we have is about who people are or assumed to be or if we are afraid of them! After all we are no more or less important than other human beings. To see ourselves otherwise puts us in chaos and at war internally with ourselves.

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