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Besides specializes in writing and producing musicals and Psychodramas for stage productions we have reached out to offer smaller community events, such as our annual black History affair and "see me... I have something to say" bi-monthly  Program for youth between the ages of 12-17 years. we look forward to doing more work of this nature to address the needs of the community, as often as there is a demand and we have resources.  

the materials written for EVP, are tagged, "From Page to Stage Theater!" Which means the plays written are based on truths/facts that are researched and explored on past/present moments in history to engage in current day construct to produce conscious theater.
As a playwright, it is not my job to regurgitate or capture the past but to dramatize it!!! 
Writing and directing for 19 years and growing strong! 
The Mission

To provide a constant venue of thought-provoking artistic expression based on the historical interpretation of the forgotten voices that will emerge through the arts of stage acting, dance, and music.  

The Vision

It is also my desire to involve the youth of surrounding communities with the opportunity to learn and present theater, to help ease the burden of "Urban living " through the expression of dramatization of stage presence and to partner with different organization to bring the community together as a whole body! 


The Owner

As an African American Woman in America, it is my hope that my work during this 21st Century, through Emerging Voices Production, LLC.  will have opportunity to use the stage through various genres to engage audiences, from all walks of life.  To remember the past,  feel and live in the present and consciously weigh the possible outcomes of the decisions or the lack thereof which will for many will dictate the future. To remind all people that we have more in common than we do differences!

Psychodrama, which is my preferred style of writing,  is a writing form that allows the creative team to adapt informative, healing, and historical storytelling that transforms thoughts, ideas, and lives for all who come to experience it!  

As a playwright, my legacy to my family and society is to deliver conscious materials that will inspire the human spirit to live, love, learn and laugh. To resist in order to exist and to leave my imprint on society in hopes that someone will one day look back upon my contributions in order to assess how far we have come and how far we will always have to go!

I am a former writer/director of the Acclaimed MAAFA Influence Productions which is now in its 19th stand-alone year presented by the Mount Aery Development Corporation and annually hosted by the Mount Aery Baptist Church, Bridgeport, CT!  To date, MAAFA here in CT has been seen by approximately 20,000 persons from across the country and over 3000 students in the Bridgeport, New Haven, Trumbull and Stamford school systems and the Bridgeport Catholic Dioceses. It has also been viewed by such noted persons as  Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Emeritus, and Rev Dr. Otis Moss III of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago; Author and Pan African Activist Randall Robinson, Professor and Author Dr. Joy DeGruy – Leary, Actor Ben Vereen,  Dr . Susan K. Smith, Bishop Johnny Ray Youngblood. (the spiritual engineer and conceptual producer or MAAFA) Rev. Al Sharpton and world-renown clinical psychologist Na’im Akbar just to name a few.

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